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Leaving the European Union means leaving behind the legislation that protects our environment. WWT is calling on the Government to put in place stronger, more meaningful protections for our natural world.

So we worked with them to develop a two stage mobilisation campaign across all social media platforms. The first stage was planned to coincide with 2018’s temporary silencing of Big Ben for special repairs. So our meme featured an array of birds appealing directly to the major party leaders to ensure that nature does not fall silent too. On the day of the activity, 7,000 people visited the ‘time to be heard’ homepage, generating targeted emails to every acting MP in the country.

For stage two we gave people the chance to once again show MPs that they were behind the Green Bill – by sharing pictures of themselves behind a Green Bill! With the support of celebrity environmentalists such as Chris Packham, our simple visual graphic soon went viral.

The fun approach cut through the Brexit debate and was heard by ministers. They finally published their draft Bill, and it included two of the critical elements WWT had been calling for: a commitment to setting environmental targets and a new environmental watchdog.

It’s a great start but there’s still more work to be done. Watch this space.

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