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UNHCR has been significantly increasing its individual giving fundraising activity worldwide. As each international territory grows its own donor base, it’s become increasingly important for them to have a clearly mapped out legacy journey for their supporters.

Based on our many years experience of developing legacy marketing programmes both in the UK and beyond, DK was asked to develop a legacy marketing toolkit that would have the range and flexibility to be adapted in all and any fundraising market, from the highly developed to the newly emerging.

Throughout the process we worked closely with a project team of UNHCR stakeholders from four different countries. The final toolkit includes an extensive guideline document covering all aspects of legacy marketing from basic principles to strategic approach, tactical implementation, proposition development, media planning and supporter nurturing.

Alongside the guidelines we have developed UNHCR’s first legacy proposition and brought it to life through a full suite of multi-media creative assets that are now being adapted and implemented around the world.

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