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We’ve worked with Macmillan on the development and implementation of their warm cash programme for many years. In that time we’ve helped developed a test matrix to ensure we keep learning and keep evolving. We’ve introduced a highly successful mid-value programme to help identify and then communicate more intimately with some of Macmillan’s most generous supporters. We’ve successfully integrated digital and traditional channels. And in return we’ve seen income grow consistently year on year – even through recession and down-turn.

For the Christmas 2014 appeal we combined for the first time direct mail with an online film to tell the story of Finn, a little boy who wanted to be King. The result was the most successful appeal to date with income of over £800k.

The following year we went one better and, thanks in part to the mid value supporters we had been developing over the previous months, broke the £1 million mark for the very first time in Macmillan’s history.

Every Christmas since we’ve raised our targets accordingly – and still gone on to beat them. Bringing in millions of pounds to help take Macmillan’s amazing support services to more and more people living with cancer.

Our last four Christmas appeals received three nominations in both the Third Sector and IOF National Awards, winning Best DM Appeal in the Third Sector Awards in 2014.

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