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Macmillan Cancer Support

We’ve worked with Macmillan for a good many years. And, like the best client/agency relationships, ours is built on very strong collaboration. Of never resting on our collective laurels and constantly looking at how we can go one better with the warm cash programme.

Testing and learning. Adapting and changing. For us, it’s about doing whatever it takes to help this much-loved charity do what it does best for the thousands of people who depend on its support.

Of course, it helps that we passionately care about the cause. 

Creatively, we’ve become ever more adept at teasing out the human-interest stories that will really resonate with Macmillan’s supporters. Talking to people with cancer and bringing their stories to life across the programme, and the channels. Flexing this rich content so that it connects most effectively with each audience – from the standard programme to the highly successful mid-value programme, where we identify and communicate very differently with Macmillan’s most generous supporters.

Appeal after appeal, we have constantly raised the targets – and still gone on to consistently beat them. Even through recession, down-turns…….. and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Few charities escaped the impact of the pandemic, and Macmillan was no different. With big, mass-participation fundraising events being cancelled, the charity depended more than ever on its warm programme. 

Our appeal for July 2020 tackled the issue head on. 

Dramatising how, since the crisis, the charity had to completely rethink how ‘Macmillan does Macmillan’ – by finding clever new ways to connect to the people that depend on its services. Harnessing the language and visual identity of social-distancing to tell people that, ‘Keeping our distance, must not keep us apart’.

Striking visuals turned the negativity of social-distancing on its head – bringing to life the charity’s determination to find new ways to connect with its audience.

A powerful communication from Macmillan’s CEO outlined her commitment that, ‘no one with cancer gets left behind.’

Our message also flexed by region, to show people that their local Macmillan Information Bus would temporarily be ‘stopping’ online.

The tone of the campaign was as important as the message. As the phrase of 2020 went, these were truly ‘unprecedented times’.

In very challenging times, the campaign was one of Macmillan’s best performing in years.

Even better than usual:

54% over target

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