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The first 20 years of different kettle

When we started out, Macmillan was still Macmillan Cancer Relief. And one of the first things we did, was take them on the telly.

With the advent of the new brand, we were retained to bed it in across the DM programme. Testing, learning and helping to evolve over time….

…right up to and including this year’s 2022 ‘Cost of Living with Cancer’ Christmas Appeal.

Over the course of 18 years working with Amnesty International, we helped raise millions of pounds, won countless awards and repeatedly broke the creative mould.

When the Cystic Fibrosis Trust turned 50, we refused to let them celebrate.

Our work with Greenpeace spoke truth to power.

We developed a joyous brand for CHAS that had fundraising at its very heart.

We helped World Animal Protection to end dolphin cruelty.

We showed that tools are not just tools when they are Tools For Self Reliance.

We tapped into the collective memories of  multiple nations to create UNHCR’s first ever international legacy campaign.

We stood shoulder to shoulder with the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

We made a Christmas dream come true for a Guide Dogs puppy….

…and created a wall of dreams to tell Stacey’s story.

With Christian Aid, we supported the campaigners on the frontline of climate change.

We revitalised fundraising for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

And together with Sue Ryder, we showed how great endings can be the beginning of a powerful legacy campaign.

Now our focus is on creating the best charity work of the next 20 years. If you’d like us to create some with you, please get in touch.


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