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Henry the reindeer puppy

Guide Dogs’ Sponsor A Puppy is a hugely successful product at the heart of their IG programme. DRTV is a key recruitment channel but existing creative executions were showing signs of tire.

For the all important Christmas period, we needed a new approach to creative that would stand out at that busy time. In addition, we believed there was an opportunity to appeal to a different audience profile – specifically parents (especially mothers) who could share the fun of this product with their children.

Our solution was Henry – the puppy who wanted to be Santa’s reindeer.

Using animation to tell Henry’s magical story was a radically new departure for the brand. But it allowed us to create a Christmas TV moment that really resonated with our audiences – and particularly that family audience who could watch with their children. And the fantasy had a serious side too, ultimately underlining just what an extraordinary job it is that these puppies grow up to do.

We created 30s and 10s edits of the TV ad which were rolled out across social channels in (both paid & organic).

These were supported by a paid and organic social campaign using the hashtag

The radical creative approach generated significant PR coverage and on the week it was released the ad hit the number 3 spot in the Drum’s top Christmas ad list.

Results held up strongly against Guide Dogs more conventional control ads that ran at the same time. Initial findings also indicate that Henry helped recruit more supporters who are likely to have a higher LTV (those who pay by Direct Debit and purchased the product for themselves rather than gifting it). So we’re now working with Guide Dogs to get Henry ready for his second outing this Christmas.

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