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Wall of dreams.

Guide Dogs have a suite of creative ads designed to engage potential donors with the Sponsor A Puppy product. But as creative tire began affecting the performance of their banker ads, they knew it was time to develop a new creative execution to add to their armoury.  Having worked with us previously to create a mould-breaking and highly successful Christmas ad for the product, we were next asked to create an equally hard working execution that could run throughout the year.

Dramatising the truth.

We wanted to bring to life what having a guide dog truly means to a blind or partially sighted person. The result was ‘Wall of Dreams’.

Wall of Dreams digs deep into a true story to convey why having a guide dog is life changing for the recipient. At the heart of the ad is the true story of two remarkable individuals – Stacey and her guide dog and best friend, Toffee. Together they have overcome immense personal challenges to enable Stacey’s dreams to come true. 

Despite shooting at the heart of the national Covid lockdown, we were able to bring their incredible story to life by allowing Stacey herself to take centre stage, and using key images from her life to create her very own ‘Wall of Dreams’.


Because Stacey’s story was so compelling, we extended the ad to 90s and created a 60s version to support it. On its first outing in 2021 the results were extremely positive with Wall of Dreams outperforming the banker creative over July and August. The 90s version of the ad delivered the lowest CPA and highest number of recruits.

As a result, the ad is being rolled out as part of the main suite of ads and continues to perform well.

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