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Toybox is an international charity committed to ending the global injustice of children living and working on city streets. As a strategic partner working across their IG programme, we’ve worked with them to develop a multi-media cold programme including direct mail, inserts, press and digital channels that feeds into a diverse but fully integrated warm programme including cash appeals, regular giving conversion and legacy marketing.

Key to the success of the work is a core narrative that runs through all the activity. Quite simply, it shows how street kids the world over have become ‘non-people’ and as such are vulnerable to the most horrifying and relentless abuse.

By expressing that core narrative through a range of high impact creative executions, we’ve found it is really resonating with the public. We’re recruiting new supporters at close to breakeven and our warm appeals are achieving record levels of income – showing that the supporters we’re bringing on board are buying into the cause for the long term.

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