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The Gurkha Welfare Trust

The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) has a clear remit – to repay the debt of honour our country owes to brave Gurkha veterans who’ve served alongside us. We’re proud to help them do this – working across every area of their individual giving programme. Raising vital funds to deliver a complete package of support, so veterans and their families can live in dignity.

And that includes campaigns like this – to raise the £1million needed to build 300 new homes. Homes that could be all that stand between some veterans and the next earthquake in Nepal. 

When the last earthquake struck, it claimed the lives of 13 Gurkha veterans and their widows and destroyed and damaged homes. Now seismologists predict an even bigger one. So GWT had to take urgent, pre-emptive action – to raise the money to build 300 new earthquake resilient homes for veterans and their families – and do it in just three years.

From talking to warm supporters, we knew their emotional driver was proud military patriotism. But to donate they’d need a sound, rational case for support. So we devised an ambitious two-phase, two-year fundraising campaign. Phase one featured detailed scientific charts showing how the next earthquake would strike… along with architectural plans, building methods and costs. Phase two gave a transparent progress update, including personal testimony from affected Gurkhas – this information was critical because we were asking the same supporters to donate twice.

Direct mail drove the main asks in each phase – as this was supporters’ preferred way of giving – and was reinforced with social activity. With ongoing stewardship ensuring that supporters could see the difference their money was making. And stretch asks, offering supporters the opportunity to fund materials for an entire home, served to significantly raise donation levels.

So far, the appeal has raised

over £1.3 million

It is currently

40% over target


supporters have funded

entire homes

Phase one:

Appealing to heart and head: powerful visual images of elderly Gurkhas and their devastated homes, combined with the clear, carefully thought through military style strategy for recovery. 

Phase two:

Building costs were carefully detailed and ask prompts were again based on specific tangibles.

Phase two was also fully supported across all of GWT’s social platforms, and incorporated a Facebook fundraiser.

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