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Over 15,000 children in Scotland are living with incurable conditions that will one day cut their lives short. As the only children’s hospice service in Scotland, CHAS is determined to reach every child and their family. But a new report showed they were only reaching a fraction.

To achieve their mission, CHAS needed a clear brand and fundraising narrative that would heighten awareness, generate more service referrals and, critically, increase fundraising income to meet the new demand.

We worked directly with children and their families to deliver that brand, enabling each child to design their own letter for a special CHAS alphabet. Practically, these letters allowed us to unify CHAS’ disparate services. More importantly, through the stories behind each letter we can tell the Scottish public about the joy CHAS helps families find even in the face of death.

After just the first 10 months, nearly a quarter of the Scottish population had recognised Keep The Joy Alive as the CHAS call to action. Fundraising had increased YOY by over £1 million. And referrals for CHAS services had gone up by 6%.

The work has been recognised with both a DMA Gold and Third Sector Excellence Award.

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