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Having worked successfully with GWT on their acquisition programme across inserts, direct mail, press and digital channels, we all agreed time had come to launch their first test in TV. 

We knew there was an extensive range of channels through which we could target the charity’s proudly patriotic supporter profile. Now we needed a creative concept that would bring the Gurkha’s distinguished military record to life, while keeping production costs low.

The debt of honour

The service the Gurkhas have given over the last 200 years is hard to sum up in 40 seconds. But by focussing on the medals they have won in that time – including no less than 13 Victoria Crosses – we managed to convey the debt of honour we all owe to these extraordinary veterans and their widows. At the same time, we powerful design and creative use of post-production techniques made our budget go further by making the most of still images and library footage.


Knowing that GWT has an enormously successful cash programme, we were able to confidently lead with a credible and tangible cash ask of £29.

The work is still in the early testing phase, but already we’ve seen very promising results with this first burst of activity delivering an ROI similar to our other recruitment channels in the same period.

Based on this initial success, GWT will be running the ad again in 2022.

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