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Senior Account Manager

Hi, I’m Hannah, but friends call me Sarge!

As a student, I had a brief dalliance with street fundraising – now there’s a properly tough gig. But my love of the charity sector really got going when I started working at Ogilvy on the Dog’s Trust.

Having discovered my love for fundraising, I’ve stuck with charity agencies ever since. It’s the perfect place to put my enthusiastically organised nature and creative background to good use.

DK’s a joy because we work collaboratively as a team, drawing on all our skills to deliver strategically driven creative that has a real heart. That’s because we’re all passionate about delivering inspiring work, that will make a real difference in the world.

A great example is our work for WWT


Client Strategy Director

Hi, I’m Nicola and I’m a fundraiser through and through. After many years working for agencies in London, I got very curious at hearing about this agency in Bristol called Different Kettle (and also a little bit annoyed when my clients were saying good things about them).

So, I decided to see what they were all about and what I found was the most amazing group of people producing brilliantly insightful and creative fundraising… so I suggested they should give me a job.

And here I am, getting to work with some of the finest charities in the UK, all day, every day, developing new strategies and approaches to engage supporters and inspiring our creative team to work their magic.


Creative Director

I’m Nick. After learning my trade as a copywriter and CD selling everything from cars to cooking foil, I finally got a chance to work in the third sector. And it was like coming home.

So when I set up Different Kettle I had one aim in mind. To offer charities and NGOs the top quality market planning, strategic thinking and creative product that the sector so clearly deserves, but doesn’t always get.

I’m ridiculously proud of all our work, but after an unbroken relationship of 20 plus years, I have to mention the wonderful Macmillan Cancer Support. You can check out some of their record breaking and award winning Christmas appeals here.

See the work


Head of Copy

Hey there, I’m Mark and I chose DK after more than 20 years working for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Blue chip, wood chip, oven chip, I’ve penned for them all – not to mention most of the UK’s favourite charities.

My big love is creating strategic-driven, channel-hopping, sector-defying campaigns. So I guess DK felt like coming home!

For me it was a chance to work with a tight-knit, talented and passionate team – dedicated to breaking creative boundaries and making a genuine difference for charity clients.

My favourite bits of work? That’s a hard one. But it probably has to be for Toybox. A small charity with the courage to dream big and let us fly.

Take a look


Senior Account Manager

Hello, I’m Jonny. I’d always been aware of DK’s great work from my years working charity side. So when I moved to Bristol, I jumped at the chance to work here.

Before starting at DK I was unsure if there’d still be that real passion for making a difference that I’d experienced in my client side roles. But there certainly is – in abundance.

One of the projects I’ve most enjoyed managing is our collaboration with UNHCR to create a legacy marketing toolkit. Developing a strategic approach and proposition to be used across 19 different countries was a terrific challenge.

Find out more here


Account Executive

Hello there, I’m Rose.

Before joining DK I worked as a photoshoot producer and photographer’s agent. And that combination of project management, sales and creative thinking has proved to be a great foundation for my work here.

I love the way my role as an account executive involves both the practical challenge of making things happen and the creative thinking essential to strategic planning.

And my passion for photography and art haven’t gone away. That’s why, with DK’s support, I’m starting up a Bristol-based art show production collective.


Production Executive

My name’s Maria and I’ll let you into a secret…

I’ve been working in advertising since I was little more than a teenager. I took the long way up – treading the path from an accounts junior right through to managing press and print production at several big agencies.

Of all the agencies I’ve worked at, DK is probably the smallest. But it’s undeniably the best.

The team is fabulous and what we create, together with our equally wonderful clients, is helping to transform people’s lives.


Senior Art Director

I guess it felt a bit like I’d been searching for DK all my life!

I’m Rob and I’d been putting my artistic skills to work in a good many places over many years – from Morgan cars to book illustration and even designing state-of-the-art nightclubs!

But it was working on good causes that always excited me most. So my role at DK ticks all the boxes.

DK has a refreshingly simple commitment to creating brilliant work that works! And we’re blessed with the kind of switched on clients who aren’t afraid to do new and innovative things in the not-for-profit sector.


Studio Manager

Hi, it’s Tom.

What I really love is solving creative and artwork puzzles – helping to bring ideas to life, be it on paper or online.

As well as being a trained photographer, I’ve worked on newspapers, typesetting ads, and as a printer’s graphic designer. Then some 15 years ago, I joined DK – a tight-knit bunch of talented folk where I’ve been given the chance to flourish.

With our recent award winning work for CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland) I was able to bring all of my print, digital and photographic skills to bear as we turned the children’s original designs into a living alphabet.